Workshop working with back pain john wilks

Working With Back Pain

Seminar for Bowen Practitioners CPD Course

Dates and Venues: Holland, 15 & 16 March 2020

This seminar is very much a ‘hands-on’ practical course designed to help Bowen practitioners work effectively with clients who present with a wide variety of differing symptoms related to back pain. We shall explore the clinical implications of a range of conditions looking at ways to treat from a truly holistic perspective. The seminar will cover:

Day 1

  • A brief look at some differing paradigms for understanding how Bowen works – the proprioreceptive response – muscle spindles, golgi tendons, reflexes, spinal tracts and cortex function

  • The origins of back pain – the anatomy and physiology (nerve roots, pathways, dermatomes etc)

  • Assessing for the most effective treatment

  • Environmental and occupational factors

  • Appropriate exercises

  • How whole body patterns are affected by pulls through the fascia and dural membranes. An explanation of the Reciprocal Tension Membrane system

  • The effect of accidents and trauma on the back, especially whiplash injuries, dental work and pelvic imbalances

Day 2

  • Assessment techniques and ‘body-reading’ skills

  • ‘Facilitation’ and trigger points – what they mean, how to identify them and how to work with them

  • The concept of client resources (physical, emotional, psychological) – how to know how much to treat and when

  • A brief exploration of other paradigms for working – subtle energetics and the nature of the healing response both from eastern yogic traditions and cranial osteopathic traditions among others

  • How to lessen the likelihood of a ‘healing crisis’. How to handle it if it occurs

  • Working intelligently with shock and trauma. An understanding of shock and trauma through the work of Peter Levine. The physiological effects of trauma and how it manifests in the body. How to avoid re-traumatising your client

  • The effect of birth patterns on the structure and function of the back for adult later in life. Looking at the dynamics of different maternal pelvic shapes, helping to ease the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth

Although there will be a fair degree of lecture and discussion material, the purpose of the seminar is to enable a more effective treatment program for your clients through a deeper understanding of the aetiology of a variety of conditions that affect the back, some of which (such as fibromyalgia ) are poorly understood through ‘orthodox’ medicine.

The seminar will use a range of teaching aids including OHP’s, models, charts and detailed anatomical drawings and will include simple ‘body-reading’ tests and assessment techniques for greater effectiveness. The seminar will seek to avoid any duplication of the material presented in Ossie & Elaine’s seminars.