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Accredited by UK and International Bowen Organisations

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Training Courses in The Bowen Technique Accredited by Bowtech, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, Bowen Training UK, The Bowen Association of the UK and the European Bowen Association. Our courses are also recognised by the Bowen Professional Association UK (previously Bowen Therapists European Register).

Courses are held throughout the UK by accredited instructors. The therapy is taught as an introduction to bodywork for the non-professional and also as an ideal adjunct for the professional therapist.

Most courses take place at weekends. As part of the our training structure, training courses in the Bowen Technique are spread out over 7 modules in the space of around 9 months to a year, with the following structure:

Module 1
Procedures for lower back, upper back, neck and shoulders. (2 days)

Module 2
Procedures for the thoracic area, hamstrings and shoulders. (2 days)

Module 3
Procedures for the pelvis, elbow, sacrum and knee. Also review of modules 1. & 2. (2 days)

Module 4
Procedures for the ankle, the upper respiratory tract, TMJ, babies and forearm. Review of previous modules. (2 days)

Module 5
Procedures for gall bladder problems, additional shoulder procedures, coccyx and the chest. (2 days)

Module 6
Procedures for bed-wetting, headaches, buttock pains, infertility protocol, perineal pain and review of previous modules. (2 days)

Module 7
Review and assessment of all procedures to assess competency. Presentation of Diploma on behalf of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia by senior instructors subject to completion of anatomy and physiology qualification and first aid. (2 days)

For details of costs and to obtain a prospectus please go to:

Anatomy & Physiology/First Aid qualifications are required for those who wish to be full members and be on the referral list of the Bowen Association UK.

At the moment John will not be teaching this basic course in 2019.  Please contact Bowen Training UK for details of other instructors in the UK.