Caring for your clients with John Wilks



How to find out what is really going on with clients and treat accordingly 

Dates and Venues:  Sherborne, UK, 2020 - dates to be confirmed

Cost: £240.00

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All courses are 2 days and are approved for CPD by the Bowen Association of the UK

The aim of this seminar is to help Bowen therapists understand the root causes of someone’s pain and devise treatment strategies based on a deep understanding of the underling causes of their condition.

The course explores how to detect problem areas using gentle palpation techniques, how to offer sensitive care and support and how we can help our clients more effectively by using skills like empathy, body language, gestures, words, touch, empowerment and listening to build trust and relationship.

Bowen procedures and moves will be practised to show how Bowen can be used in response to sensitive palpation and observation.

Course Content

The importance of a safe environment, trust, empathy and eye contact in the therapeutic setting - an understanding of why this is important neurologically

Negotiation of touch and space before putting hands on the body (PRACTICAL)

Understanding the neurology of the Autonomic Nervous System and how to see when a client is reacting through their ANS or going into overwhelm or dissociation

Important areas of support i.e. nutrition, exercise, relaxation etc and scope of practice limitations

Presentation on body language and eye movement and noticing ANS activations (PRACTICAL)

Trust & safety and attachment in the therapeutic setting

Body language and note taking (PRACTICAL)

Understanding Placebo and Nocebo.  Being careful what you say in terms of pathology

Proprioception and interception and how we can increase both through Bowen (PRACTICAL)

Fascia receptors overview (PRACTICAL)

Palpation of Lumbar fascia and sacrum along with gait observation (PRACTICAL)

Palpation of the atlas, axis and occiput.  Palpating the vertebral artery pulse (PRACTICAL)

Palpation of the Psoas and treatment (PRACTICAL)

Understanding dural tube connections between the sacrum and the neck and occiput

Assessing levels of vitality with clients and assessing how much Bowen they can take (PRACTICAL)

Understanding pain from the perspective of David Butler and Lorimer Moseley’s work

Presentation on the temporal area and palpation of the jaw and TMJ (PRACTICAL)

Palpation of individual joints - knees and shoulders.  How to assess more precisely what structures are involved and a discussion about treatment strategies (PRACTICAL)

Fascia as a communication system and how to detect responses in the tissues as we work (PRACTICAL)

Understanding the importance of the 2 minute breaks and integration times

Palpation at the feet and sensing into the hips through the feet (PRACTICAL)

The relationship between the TMJ, neck and leg length assessments (PRACTICAL)

A look at how transverse relationships reflect each other (jaw, atlas, diaphragm, pelvis etc) and palpation exercise.  Discussion of treatment strategies (PRACTICAL)

Integrate palpations and assessment into a treatment plan (PRACTICAL)