Craniosacral Therapy & Babies


Craniosacral Therapy & Babies

For a Cranial therapist, treating young babies and their mothers is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences.

Just as a seedling can be nurtured with the smallest amount of physical guidance to grow into a healthy plant, so a baby, by the gentlest of encouragement, can be helped to release the stresses and trauma of the birth process and so avoid possible physical and psychological trauma later in life.

The compressive forces experienced during birth as a result of the passage through the pelvis and the tight fit in the birth canal can cause imbalance in a baby's system, even in natural and apparently problem-free births.

Many babies experience difficulties through the use of Ventouse extraction, forceps or Caesarean deliveries. Every type of birth has its own compressive patterns on a baby's body, especially its head, and therapy can go a long way to easing these patterns through the therapist's light touch and receptive listening.

Common new-born's problems like colic, sucking problems and respiratory difficulties may be due to compression arising from birth trauma. These can sometimes develop into problems later in life such as depression, migraine, sinusitis, spinal and pelvic pain.

Recent studies involving patients with severe psychological problems has shown that the vast majority had difficult or traumatic births.

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