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The Bowen Technique
- what is it ?

Developed in the 1950’s by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia, The Bowen Technique is a gentle but dynamic body therapy that is therapeutic and very effective. It empowers the body’s own healing resources, achieving balance and harmony, frequently resulting in fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort. The technique is considered safe to use on anyone from newborns to the elderly, with any condition from sports injuries to chronic or organic complaints.

Specifically, the kind of symptoms that may respond well to The Bowen Technique include:

Sports injuries Stress & Tension symptoms
Back pain and Sciatica RSI & Tennis Elbow
Neck & Shoulder problems Knee & Ankle problems
Hayfever Menstrual irregularities
Migraines & Headaches Chronic fatigue and ME

A treatment comprises sequences of small gentle moves, each at specific sites on the body. There is no forceful manipulation, just a light cross-fibre manoeuvring of a muscle, tendon or ligament, pleasant to the recipient. The Bowen Technique taps into the body’s natural feedback system that monitors the state of each muscle.

As well as releasing any tension within the muscles, the moves also work on energy blocks (accumulated by injury, tension or disease), allowing increased energy flow and hence healing ability. Treatments can be performed through light clothing, and substantial relief is frequently experienced after the first 1 or 2 sessions.

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Training Courses in
The Bowen Technique

accredited by The Bowen Association affiliated to The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

Mr Tom Bowen devoted a lifetime to developing his gentle and innovative approach. In 1974, he invited Oswald Rentsch and his wife Elaine to study with him and document his work. Their interpretation was verified by him as being a true representation of the original technique, and it is this that is now widely taught and practised throughout the world.

Ossie and Elaine began teaching the technique in 1986 after many years of their own clinical experience and in 1987 they founded the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia to which the Bowen Association is affiliated. Courses are held throughout the UK by accredited instructors. The therapy is taught as an introduction to bodywork for the non-professional and also as an ideal adjunct for the professional therapist.

Most courses take place at weekends. As part of the new training structure, training courses in the Bowen Technique are spread out over 7 modules in the space of around 9 months to a year with the following structure:

Module 1: Bowtech procedures for lower back, upper back, neck shoulders and knees. (2 days)

Module 2: Bowtech procedures for kidneys, hamstrings, pelvis & sacrum. (2 days)

Module 3: Bowtech procedures for lower respiratory tract, shoulder problems. Also review of modules 1. & 2. (2 days)

Module 4: Bowtech procedures for seated clients, elbow & wrist problems including carpal tunnel. Review of previous modules. (2 days)

Module 5: Bowtech procedures for upper respiratory tract and tempero-mandibular joint, ankle & foot procedures including strapping techniques, infant colic, bursitis, gall bladder problems, additional shoulder procedures, chest pains, back cramp and revision of previous modules. (2 days)

Module 6: Bowtech procedures for breast problems, coccyx, bed-wetting, headaches, buttock pains, infertility protocol, perineal pain and review of previous modules. (2 days)

Module 7 Review and assessment of all Bowtech procedures to assess competency. Presentation of Diploma on behalf of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia by senior instructors. (2 days)

Costs: Modules 1 & 2 - £200 each (inlcudes student membership of the Bowen Association)
Modules 3 - 6 £180 per Module
Module 7 - £200

Dates & locations of forthcoming trainings

N.B. Anatomy & Physiology/First Aid qualifications are required for those who wish to be full members and be on the referral list of the Bowen Association UK.


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